AEG Power Solutions
– a global team

« Nous avons pu économiser 20 % en frais de déplacement, tout en profitant d’une meilleure compréhension entre collègues. Nous sommes devenus une équipe véritablement internationale. Une équipe qui utilise désormais Projectplace pour travailler efficacement sur les projets, en respectant les plannings et les budgets. »
Bernd Sengpiehl, Directeur des Systèmes d’Information AEG Power Solutions B.V.

Seventeen countries, one team

A global company which communicates on a global scale

How can the individual IT teams from seventeen branches spread across the world be brought together to form a single unit? To Bernd Sengpiehl, CIO of AEG Power Solutions B.V., it was clear that this would require a common platform, a virtual space in which the teams could integrate. With Projectplace, he has found the ideal tool: “Our communication has improved drastically. With Projectplace, we can start work extremely quickly and achieve good results in no time at all”.

A global team

As a technology pioneer, AEG Power Solutions plays an active role in the development of mains connection interfaces for the power supply system, and the IT teams in its 17 different branches initially operated on a largely independent basis. They had to make do a file server and confusing e-mails to share information. Bernd Sengpiehl went in search of a cloud solution which would allow global access to information while conserving the company’s own resources and which could be used on the move. He tried out Projectplace and was immediately won over. 

“Our communication has improved drastically. With Projectplace, we can start work extremely quickly and achieve good results in no time at all”.
Bernd Sengpiehl, CIO AEG Power Solutions B.V.

Improved communication

The CIO now uses Projectplace to manage all IT projects. He particularly likes the flexible project management feature: “I can respond flexibly to projects as required”. Firstly, the requirements are collected before the next steps are defined. “Everyone selects what they want to work on”. The results are discussed and new requirements formulated, until the solution is ready.

In terms of communication, Bernd Sengpiehl primarily favours web meetings. ”In just two clicks, we are holding a meeting”. This not only saves time and money spent on travel and phone bills – “We were able to save 20% of the cost on travel” – it also ensures better understanding amongst colleagues. “We have definitely become a global team”. A team which now uses Projectplace to implement projects smoothly, on time and on budget. “We have been able to minimise lead times and reduce the budgets in some cases.” 


“Projectplace’s social networking features made it very easy to roll out the tool and to use it efficiently from day one”.
Bernd Sengpiehl, CIO AEG Power Solutions B.V.

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