“By employing the Projectplace solution, we are enabling new employees to get to grips with our sales and project structure in just a few days rather than a few months, which was previously the case.”
Christopher Engman, CEO of Vendemore

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Effective collaboration provides foundation for rapid growth

Vendemore needs a re-usable structure to successfully manage its dynamic growth rate. Projectplace offers this in the form of a structured shared space that not only guarantees quality but also minimises administration.


Vendemore’s business focuses on lead management and targeted digital advertising, and this year the company looks set to double its turnover for the second year in a row. Vendemore’s offering is strong because they employ a process that incorporates targeted communication and high-quality leads. This method is aimed primarily at companies that want to increase response levels for their interactive B2B campaigns.

In order to keep pace with this rapid growth, structure is required. Among other things, new employees must be able to familiarise themselves with the company’s processes and offering quickly, without its clients experiencing any deterioration in quality or delivery capacity.


Vendemore realised early on that sound IT support combined with a well-organised sales and customer process improves scope for rapid growth and good profitability. They required a support tool accessible to both new and existing employees. Projectplace offered a solution in which each project manager was provided with a structure for managing a number of parallel projects, which also contributes to improved profitability. The service is simple and intuitive and can be used internally, for client relationships and in collaborative efforts with advertising agencies, for example. Vendemore, like other growth companies, also wants to avoid over-investing and tying up capital.

In a rapidly evolving business, it is important to support both learning and knowledge re-use. Vendemore’s project managers need the management of customer processes to be straightforward, but they also want to be able to take advantage of previous customers’ project structures. This requires an advanced project process that can be duplicated and re-used, but at the same time cannot be too static.

Having reviewed its requirements, the company decided that Projectplace was the solution best able to satisfy its needs.


By investing in a project solution from Projectplace, Vendemore has guaranteed its clients an earlier return on a market investment in the Vendemore method. This means in turn that Vendemore can increase its profitability by closing more deals, easily develop closer relationships and also deliver on time to more satisfied customers.

The project process, supported by Projectplace, ensures a high-quality delivery from everyone in the organisation. This reduces the risk of weak customer deliveries, which is particularly important at a time when Vendemore is expanding rapidly. The project support provided by Projectplace enables each member of the sales team to manage more projects, which in turn increases both productivity and profitability. In addition, new employees can quickly familiarise themselves with the operation and begin contributing to work. Vendemore assesses that the induction period for a new employee has been cut by more than two months, which more than offsets the investment made in the tool. Vendemore uses the Enterprise Edition from Projectplace and was immediately able to develop a structure that remains in place today.


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