• Réalisez vos tâches grâce aux diagrammes de Gantt et tableaux de Kanban
  • Gardez le contrôle de vos obligations professionnelles à l’aide d’une liste de tâches à faire personnelle
  • Mettez fin au chaos qui règne sur vos courriels et conservez vos dossiers et discussions de travail au sein d’un emplacement unique

Vous cherchez un outil offrant un contrôle des versions des documents, une gestion des projets et des fonctions de création de rapports avancées ? Essayez cet outil et découvrez également tout un tas d’autres avantages en profitant de l’essai gratuit de Projectplace Enterprise.

  • Securely store and share files on an independent platform
  • Collaborate and share data openly to improve Supply Chain Management
  • Keep track of flows and processes with well-developed reporting systems
  • Get new members started quickly and easily
  • Save time and money with online meetings
  • Communicate easily with external partners in any location, e.g. abroad
  • Optimise product flows through improved planning, organising and communicating

How can we help - get started quickly

Optimisation of flows and processes is a determining factor for logistics industry processes. Effective communication, feedback and status reporting is crucial to success. In Projectplace you can improve quality and performance by getting access to real-time project updates. We have successfully helped our customers in the logistics industry to get started on their projects. Contact us and we'd be happy to offer you our advice.


  • Improve communication with clients, suppliers, manufacturers and retailers
  • Securely store and share all documents online - everything gathered on one independent platform
  • Enhance the dispatch and distribution functions with useful communication tools
  • Use the Planner tool to maximise Supply Chain project efficiency


  • Speed up the communication with customers, employees and external partners
  • Gain continuous access to the correct version of flow diagrams, purchase orders, consignment notes, etc.
  • Keep track of status, responsibilities and deadlines – discover deviations early
"Projectplace understood exactly what we needed to be up and running quickly."
Ricky Strandberg, Sponsoring Manager SJ